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We promise to deliver quality excellence at Elhelow Group, delivering unique ergonomically designed office furniture. Elhelow Group is growing and evolving simultaneously with the customers’ needs in the market. While leading in the innovation of modern office spaces, we highly value and respect our customers’ experience. Elhelow Group is beyond just a product, it’s a whole remarkable experience.
Elhelow group is committed to a sustainable future as we are responsible for producing with caution to the environment and the well-being of our community standards. Our factories are ISO-awarded for Quality and Management System. The customer satisfaction award has been given to Elhelow Group year after year.


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Since 1980

Our History

Our story began with the founding father of the company, from a small workshop to multiple showrooms and factories that now deliver all over Egypt. Our journey began at the heart of Al Mosky Street. As the little workshop expanded, more products were introduced, most of which were exclusively offered at Elhelow Group’s stores. We began to export specially designed models for Elhelow Group in the market, but the demand was higher, so we began to manufacture to meet market demand.
As the company grew it also matured into a very professional group of companies that is now operating to expand its services and expand outside the traditional scope.


Arrived Products

Our latest picks for the newly ergonomically designed office furniture with the latest innovations in the market place.
These products have been carefully hand-picked to match your taste and fit your workplace

Our Projects

Let’s make it happen!

Working with Al Habtoor Group and their trust in Elhelow Group at their new headquarters in Egypt was an absolute pleasure for us.
This project was carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of the Al Habtoor Group.
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