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Elhelow Group’s story began from a small workshop in the early 80s, our brand has emerged and evolved through time to become what it is today; a pioneer in office furniture design and manufacturing in Egypt. Across the decades, miscellaneous projects have been furnished to tell the story of how Elhelow Group was designed for success; we furnished schools, universities, banks, embassies, hospitals, and governmental institutions. Along with a wide array of corporations in sectors of the Egyptian economy; including petroleum, telecommunications, hospitality, and many more. You probably have purchased and used one of our products. So,  you’re probably wondering what are the secrets of this success, and what were the factors of such massive business growth?
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OUR vision

Elhelow Group vision is to maintain our positive local market position by continuing to utilize our assets in the best possible ways while spreading across different Egyptian governorates with plans to be among the top office furniture brands across the Middle East.
On the industrial level; we aim at further elevating our manufacturing capabilities and fulfilling the rest of our integration concept through the development of new product ranges.

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OUR mission

Elhelow Group mission emerges from our understanding of our customers’ current and future needs, by taking a leading role in addressing them with a growth mindset; as we offer versatile and integrated office solutions that satisfy different tastes and fulfill both home and corporate requirements, while adhering to industrial quality standards and an excellence of service.


Progress Timeline

Now,allow us to walk you through ELHELOW GROUP's main milestones 


Established the first metal workshop

Nacr City’s first showroom opened

The second generation takes over, open Maadi’s second showroom

Mohandeseen’s third showroom opened

Build our factories for all wood &sofa products

New Cairo flagship store and fourth showroom opened

Revolutionize the industry

30 Years of success

Elhelow Group office furniture success story for over 30 years can’t be put into words. Let’s walk you through our evolutionary timeline from the very beginning until this day, but the best is yet to come.
Elhelow Group ,Designed for Success.

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OUR Business Values


Offering reasonably-competitive prices with respect to the high quality offered; thereby presenting real and full value to our customers


Staying up to date with the market trends and new materials, solutions, and manufacturing technologies


Partnering with reputable complimentary brands in lighting, glass, fabrics, and accessories, as well as in raw wooden or paint materials; to maintain the quality of our products and corporate projects


Offering a positive work atmosphere that encourages sharing of ideas while maintaining business ethics and cooperating toward business growth


Using PU-polyurethane-leather in our upholstery and recycled wood in our desks and seating structures;to prevent deforestation and preserve the wild life, while also reducing manufacturing costs and the carbon footprint which used to be massive during traditional natural leather dyeing processes


Being present in different locations across the city and always working on coming closer to our customers


Hiring dedicated and specialized calibers in every department is considered a main ingredient in our corporate and market successes


Making sure every representative of ELHELOW GROUP adheres to implementing our “Design for Success” motto through continuous hard work, persistence, and cooperation

and Quality

Guaranteeing manufacturing efficiency and products durability by adhering to and even exceeding industry standards


Investing in our human force on the personal and technical levels and adopting practical management techniques
OUR Founders

ELHELOW GROUP is a family business where the father planted the seed and the sons cooperated hand in hand through all processes to get the brand where it is today. Each of Elhelow family members started getting involved in the business as early as 16 years of age; gaining experience in the industry until graduation to be fully dedicated to the business afterwards. Now, with an ever-growing mindset, sky’s the limit as to where this brand can get; with the three brothers’ strong and strategic business cooperation as well extensive and versatile merged expertise

zaid elhelow founder

Ziad Elhelow


Ziad Elhelow started his career in business by introducing “Fay” sanitary products to the Egyptian market; which grew its market share with his establishment of the brand factory in Egypt. He then opened a small workshop for metal tables and chairs in Aly Khalil’s alley of Al-Mosky district in Cairo. A big brand leap happened when he opened his first showroom in Abbas El-Akkad street in Nasr City neighborhood; which was the nucleus for the office furniture theme of the street we have today. Elhelow developed the showroom one year after another; joined later with his three sons, which led to an increase in product range and an expansion of area to accommodate the new products where wood and leather were integrated in the designs.

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