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Product Variety

offering versatile types, colors, and designs of classic and modern office furniture as well as a variety of complimentary products


Quality Standards

we use the gold standard European quality for all our woodwork; as well as finest environment friendly leathers; manufactured and imported exclusively to ELHELOW GROUP; boasting a variety of grain forms and thicknesses while offering the highest level of durability


Manufacturing Accuracy

CNC machines are used in our factories to adjust the manufacturing processes according to the input given with absolute cutting and engraving accuracy


Hand Craftsmanship

We integrate manual handwork in all of our seating; cutting, weaving, and other upholstery-related processes. Woodwork also involves handcrafted processes in some of the designs as well as during installation; because the human touch is integral in our work


Ergonomic Features

All of our products are well-studied ergonomically. While design matters, there’s no compensation when it comes to our customers’ health. There is not a single product in ELHELOW GROUP that isn’t comfy! We even offer an extensive variety to suit different body types and guarantee comfort according to personal sitting postures and preferences.

Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

There’s a technical team in every department, from design, through manufacturing, and up to installation. Our R&D team is continuously working on analyzing trends and recommending reasonable updates to the products, while maintaining the design concepts. We find pride in having one of the best technical teams in the market equipped with top skills and capabilities

Payment & Installment

Payment & Installment

Whatever your purchasing value at Elhelow Group, you can easily claim it with the variety of payment options we offer. Only you decide which is more convenient to you, whether it’s cash or credit card. Not only that, but you also use our installment system, where you can pay through 10 different bank accounts. ElHelow Group values your comfort in all aspects.

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Our exceptional Customer Service doesn’t reach an end once the product is sold, on the contrary, if you happen to experience any manufacturing defects, ElHelow Group will come to your rescue as we provide a guarantee that can last for 24 months


Our unique selling points help maintain and elevate our market position.
We believe these points represent why ELHELOW GROUP stands out in the office furniture market:
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Express Delivery 24h

Express Delivery 24h

The speed of ElHelow Group delivery service is unmatched. There’s no other company that can get your office fully furnished within 24 hours but ElHelow Group. All your items will be handled with caution throughout the transportation and installation process until they reach your doorstep safely.

After Sale

After Sale

ElHelow Group is a customer centric company, we prioritize our customers that’s why we’re always responding to all their inquiries professionally and in the fastest way possible till all their needs are met through  our various online channels. Additionally, we’re keen on running after sales surveys as customer’s feedback represents an integral part in our market research; which emerges from our strategy of continuous development. 

Technical Services

Technical Services

Elhelow Group is determined to provide a seamless experience for all our customers in every way possible. That’s why we provide you with a specialized, detail-oriented team of professional technicians who can assist you in visualizing the best-case scenario for your space and then implement it based on your preferences

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ElHelow Group customers’ privileges are limitless as any item purchased from our company can be maintained for life with our consultation, recommendation, and maintenance services; through a distinguished team of skilled and highly-experienced technicians.

why choose

elhelow group

We promise to deliver quality excellence at Elhelow Group. We deliver unique ergonomically designed office furniture. Elhelow Group ever growing with our customers evolving with the needs the market.While leading in innovation of modern office spaces. We highly value and respect our customers experiences. Elhelow Group is beyond just a product it’s a whole remarkable experience.
We are committed to a sustainable future with Elhelow group. We are responsible to produce with caution to the environment and the well being of our community standards. Our factories our ISO awarded for Quality and Management System. The customer satisfaction award has been given to Elhelow year after year.

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